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love yourself and stay safe,

[Source] One of my favourite Psalms ever.

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Even Christians can sometimes feel hopeless and powerless to overcome adversities. Maybe you feel trapped in your job, or your marriage is in trouble and there doesn’t seem to be an answer. You may have a child who is on the wrong path. Or maybe you are single and have given up any hope of ever meeting the right person. But no matter where you are, God can turn your situation around—and it could start happening today! If you believe with all your heart that God has something great around the corner for you, then hope will take over. God’s hope is such a powerful thing that it can keep you going when practically nothing else can. That’s because God’s hope will never fail or let you down, even if everything else does.



We ask not for riches but look to the cross,
You are the Lord.
And for our inheritance, give us the lost,
You are the Lord.
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